Collagen – a protein of life and youth, the main component of connective tissue of our bodies. One of the most important building blocks of human body. This unique substance is present in vertebrates, distinguishing them from all other species. It is highly resistant to stretching. Collagen is the main constituent of sinews and plays an important role in maintaining proper skin elasticity. It is also fully hypoallergenic. Until the age of 25, human body maintains collagen production at the same level. Unfortunately, after the lapse of that period, the production of collagen decreases. As we get older, the collagen and elastin in our body depreciate, leading to sagging and the formation of lines and wrinkles, bones weakening and reduction of joints strength.

COLYFINE COLLAGEN - PROFESSIONAL COSMETICS Natural Collagen COLYFINE,used for the skin care of face, neck and neckline, is a gel with the structure of triple spirals, which bonds with adjacent water molecules, leading to the hydration of such molecules. This natural dermocosmetic has extraordinary skin-care properties and stimulates fibroblasts to produce organic collagen on a regular basis. It has excellent skin moisturizing and smoothing properties. It increases the firmness and elasticity of skin. If used on a regular basis, it delays the formation of first wrinkles. The effects of skin moisturizing, lightening and firmness are immediately noticeable, and the effect of the permanent skin improvement can be observed after several applications. The method of collagen extraction at the molecular stage, discovered in Poland, directly from fish skins, has revolutionized the cosmetics industry. Hailed as the most natural anti-age cosmetic, the hydrates of fish collagen have been gaining in popularity for many years and have won the trust of even the most demanding clients. The product is targeted at women who choose only high-quality skin-care cosmetics, which are known for its anti-age properties.